Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Pictures Posted!

A huge thank you goes out to Isabelle and her family who donated a digital camera to our classroom! Mrs. Perry was very sad when her old camera died of old age, but thanks to Isabelle's family's generous gift, we are once again able to document all the things that happen in our classroom! First and foremost, check out our class pictures page to see all the pictures from our biography presentations. We had many famous visitors in our classroom, all of who did an outstanding job informing us about their lives!

You can add your own personal thank you to Isabelle and her family by adding your own comment to this post.


Morgan said...

isabell and her familey is sooo great. i thank you becuse we need that camra to print out our presouse memoreys.


Michelle said...

Thank you isabells faimly for the camar we realy needed it..


Louis said...

Dear Isabelle's Family,
Thank you for donating your camera to our classroom. We'll take good care of it and use it alot.Thanks for the camera again.

Sincerly Louis

Cody said...

Dear Isabel's Family,
Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much for donating your camera to our class.We will be using it alot this year.We really neede it!



Nauja said...

Isabelle thank you for donating the camera to our class room. ISABELLE YOU ROCK !!!!!!

Mrs. Perry said...

Post by Monika:

Daer Isabelle's family,

Thank you for bring in that camara for us. Me and my friends LOVE that camara. One day we MIGHT go on a field trip and take pictures. Just Thank you for bring in that camara for us.

Thank you.

Isabelle said...

thank's mom for donateing that camera we would not have been abel to take pitures of our presentations with out it you saved the day.


Brianna said...

Dear Isabelle,Thankyou for bring in the camra. Mrs.Perry said that it works really well. THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ashley said...

Dear isabelle,
I am so glad you brought in the carmra to donat to the class because of you the class had some pictures on the websit.

THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Morgan said...

isabell thanks again we loved how it worked on our trip

you tottaly rock dude.