Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summertime Visitors!!

We had two SLES visitors today on the farm!! Rienzi enjoyed all the attention...... and she enjoyed showing the girls how well she stands on logs...... and how many students her very comfy back can accommodate!
Even though it was VERY hot (in the 90s) we showed our guests a little of what Mrs. Perry's been doing over the summer. They also got to meet Shae, Mrs. Perry's new horse.

This is Shae!
That brings the number of giant horses Mrs. Perry has to two! Shae is 2 inches TALLER then Ren. That is ONE BIG HORSE!This is Shae going SUPER FAST. Ren doesn't ever move this fast. Unless you have a treat for her. Then she makes the ground shake. Any summer updates out there?? I'd love to hear about what you've filled your summer with!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's the Last Day of School! What are YOUR Summer Plans??

Students counted down the days and now here we are - the last day of school. Mrs. Perry doesn't have any big fancy travel plans... just finish moving my classroom to Huntingtown Elementary.

I do plan on spending lots and lots of time out on the farm working with my big draft horse Rienzi. I've told many of you that she's named after a very famous Rienzi, der Letzte der Tribunen (WWV 49). Translated into English, this early opera by Richard Wagner is Rienzi, the Last of the Tribunes. And yes, I am perfectly aware that Rienzi was a Roman Tribune and a boy, but Mr. Perry and I felt that such a big impressive horse should be named after a heavy, big musical work. You can visit NPR's music site and listen to musical excerpts of the opera that Rienzi is named after.

Okay, back to summer plans... below are some pictures of Ren. I hope to ride her and teach her all sorts of things over the summer like how to lay down when asked to pick me up for a ride. She's too big to jump up on!

Okay... so what are YOUR summer plans??? How do you plan on spending YOUR June, July, and August? Here is where you can post what you PLAN to do over summer. Then, on one of those rainy summer days, you can come back and visit the blog to post about what you actually DID over the summer! I plan on updating the blog with what I do as well. Remember to leave out personal information that could be unsafe - street addresses, phone numbers, last names, etc... as you know, general information is best. Blog your way into fifth grade!

Take care, and have a wonderful summer! :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

An Adventure in Reading Class...

Want to see what hatched out of this??????

Visit our Reading Page to find out! Also, presentation pictures from our Informational Book Project are up as well on our Class Pictures Blog.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Idiom Fun!

As we create our idiom flipbooks this week, take the time to list your favorite saying or expression here! Define an idiom and use it correctly in a short (but creative) paragraph. Use at least 4 descriptive adjectives to make your writing more interesting. Be sure to proofread you writing before you post! Keep up your fourth quarter effort - extra credit will be awarded for multiple entries!

Here are some of my favorites... can you figure them out based on the literal pictures?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Colonial Village: Perryville!

Interact Story Theater came and visited us today. Mrs. OK helped us become actors and took us back in time to 1768 where we became shop workers. Please post anything you learned, what you found unusual about life in 1768, and your favorite part about the presentation. All homeroom students should post for a social studies grade. Be detailed and specific.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Calendar Math: April!!

Here is a place for you to post all your observations, predictions, and ideas regarding Calendar Math. As always, make sure that you identify the Calendar Math component that you are writing about. Class Participation Requirements: All math students should post at least twice during the month.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Pictures Posted!

A huge thank you goes out to Isabelle and her family who donated a digital camera to our classroom! Mrs. Perry was very sad when her old camera died of old age, but thanks to Isabelle's family's generous gift, we are once again able to document all the things that happen in our classroom! First and foremost, check out our class pictures page to see all the pictures from our biography presentations. We had many famous visitors in our classroom, all of who did an outstanding job informing us about their lives!

You can add your own personal thank you to Isabelle and her family by adding your own comment to this post.